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Apr 11

Tree Trimming Sioux Falls | Tree Service

DON’T LET YOUR TREES DOWN! Let the professionals give the best quality tree care for your trees. It is our job to keep your trees looking fresh, feeling good, and eating healthy! They don’t want any dead wood on them and neither should you!


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You can always trust tree service Sioux Falls for your tree trimming needs! Anytime you want to cut a tree down, the first and foremost thing you got to think about is doing a proper care assessment. In that care assessment, it’s going to tell you what you need to know to get out of there safely and get the job done. Always hire a professional tree-cutting service!


Tree Trimming Sioux Falls


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The first part of a good tree service assessment starts with looking at the hazards. If there are any hazards present, you want to identify them in the beginning before it is too late. We look for electrical care hazards first and second hazards that could affect our personal safety. On that list would be branches that lodged in the tree, hanging there waiting to fall out. We call them widowmakers. 

Another hazard would be large, dead sections. Large dead sections can come loose during the cutting operation and when they fall they usually fall right where the person is making the cut. Lastly, depending on the area, vines are also hazards. Vines are very hard to see. What makes them such a hazard is that they can prevent the tree from falling on course. Vines can hold it and suspend it in mid-air, which creates a whole other hazard.

They can also swing the tree off course if it breaks free from the hinge or it could break something out behind while the person is making the cut. Once we identify all the hazards, next on our list is to assess the tree.


First and foremost, we need to ask, will the tree fit? If the tree will fit, the next thing we do is assess the tree for a few additional things. It is beneficial to know if the tree has any type of lean. 

We usually look to see if the tree has forward lean, back lean, or side lean. That will tell us what we need to do or compensate for in order to get the tree to where we want it to go. 

When assessing the tree, it is important to note that it is not just about the trunk. The other part is looking at the branch structure. Because if you have so many branches leaning out one way or the other, it’s going to help determine which way the tree is going to want to go. The next step is working on our tree removal zone to make sure it is free of debris and clear of any kind of tripping hazards. Lastly, we always recommend our stump removal services.


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